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12 Valorant Gameplay Tips You (Probably) Didn’t Know

12 Valorant Gameplay Tips You (Probably) Didn’t Know

When it comes to ranking up in Valorant, game sense is just as important as aiming practice. And while there are no shortcuts to improving teamwork and game knowledge beyond playing and watching the game more, there are a few sneaky tricks to keep in mind. Here we run through 12 Valorant game tips you may not know but definitely should.

Table of Contents:

False deactivation step

In a tight situation where you need to disable the pickaxe, looking at the enemy is usually the chosen strategy. But did you know that professionals don’t fake it? Of course, you’ve heard that before. But, did you know this technique to deceive the enemy into believing that you are not really on top?

Jumping on the spike and pressing the disable button in mid-air will start disabling the spike milliseconds before you land. This means that the step actually comes right after the deactivation sound, so if the enemy is hiding in a corner waiting to hear you press the spike, they’ll often be tricked into thinking you’re not really deactivating. Why? Because the steps suggest that you accidentally pressed then ran when in fact you performed a false deactivation step.

Wallbang climbs through a paradise

Ascent is essentially a wallbang town, and if you’ve played the map even a handful of times, you’ll be aware of popular wallbang spots. B Garage, for example, is a Sova Networks favorite to wallbang with Ares or Odin after using a recon dart. There are also all sorts of other tricky places around the map, which makes for some fun clips.

The wallbang through A Heaven, however, is a lesser-known spot that’s actually incredibly OP, constantly catching enemy players off guard. The moment he’s aiming for is the rotation of B/Mid players rushing to A Heaven to start their recovery. Simply shoot the wall with a high penetration weapon like a Guardian to wreak havoc on it.

Be sure to check out our guide to the best KAYO lineups for Ascent if you haven’t already.

Hide camera trips behind Astra Stars

Chamber’s Voyage is one of the most useful flank surveillance utilities in Valorant, and it can be even more powerful when paired with an Astra Star. Well, if you can find an Astra in ranked mode, great!

So how do you do it? Well, it’s not as simple as hiding the trip inside the star but rather behind it. You want to make sure the star hides the enemy team’s travel based on the angle of approach. In the example above, you can see that we’ve placed it in a place that doesn’t appear to be visible; enemy teams will think the star is for a gravity well or smoke. But it also hides a trip!

Raze’s Boombat can open Bind teleportation

Raze’s Boombot is super useful for taking down Hookah on Bind, and has many better uses than that too if we’re being honest. That said, this cheat is worth keeping in your back pocket in case a situation arises where entering the teleporter could give you a huge advantage.

Maybe, for example, you’re in a 2v5 situation and your teammate crashed into B when the entire enemy team thought they were both A. There’s a teleport coming, right? Open the doors and wait for them using this trick.

All you have to do is use the old range. It’s a bit finicky, so we recommend practicing on a custom.

Hiding Points of Jett Updrafts

Jett’s mobility allows him to find unique angles to attack enemies, and exploiting this is a big part of what makes many of Jett’s best players. Speaking of feats, we’re not quite sure if this particular Updraft point is meant to be in the game – we’ve seen maps like Split go offline before due to weird Updraft locations giving it too many perks.

So far, there has been no response from Riot Games after discovering this one, so you can use it as far as we know. Just duplicate the updraft of the pipes in Icebox site A and you’ll land on a small… ledge? It is an angle that no enemy targets in advance!

easy door break

Kicking down the gates of Ascent’s two Spike sites is an underutilized strategy for many defensive teams. If you plan on playing a recovery strategy, consider breaking them as soon as possible after the round starts (there’s a small delay before you can do this), but don’t waste precious bullets! All you have to do is stand under the door and then go inside after she pushes you left or right, as shown in the clip above.

Viper Orbs stick to the coldest containers

Viper has been a meta controller in Icebox ever since the map was released, and despite some tweaks and design changes, she remains the most popular operator choice. For this reason, the most popular Viper walls, Orb locations, and Snake Bite tails are quite well known. But did you know that container notches can be used to create unique one-way smokes? We’ve used them in high elo Valorant games to devastating effect, and no one seems to expect or know about them. Well now you do.

We’re demonstrating a cool one-way street here, but there are others you can find on the map.

Killjoy Ult Break technique when climbing

Spoiler has largely been replaced by Chamber as the meta-sentinel…in fact, every agent has largely been replaced by Chamber! Either way, Killjoy is still at least a great pick on Ascent, with his ultimate able to lock down attacking teams in Spike Sites after they crash. A popular spot drops you right in front of the Site B switch, which goes far enough to trap an entire team in the site. But did you know that you can actually hit this place?

However, this is only possible if you wait for the right moment. Because Killjoy’s ultimate actually increases in height as the countdown progresses, it’s possible to destroy it in places that would otherwise hide its place during the initial phase of the lockdown. You can do this with any medium penetration weapon, but the key is to touch and not spray because the shots need to be very accurate.

Raise Plant / Disable Enemies with Sage Wall

This little trick should be pretty obvious to more experienced players, but it’s not the one we see often in Valorant. To be fair, there are plenty of good uses for Sage Wall, but in the right circumstances, using it to pick up enemies trying to plant the Spike is a great strategy.

In particular, this works very well for Sage players defending Site B in the Icebox, as enemies tend to crash into the same spot almost every time. You can also apply this logic to other plant locations on different maps.

You can tell if you have enough time to deactivate the spike.

Here’s one that we’re sure a lot of players will be familiar with, though it’s still something everyone should know, so we’re here to once again remind you that there’s a trick to knowing if you have enough time to turn it off.

You are looking for the second white bubble that surrounds the tip as it drains. The first one you see in the clip above is fine – you can turn it off now and have plenty of time. However, the second that suddenly appears and then quickly disappears in the last 10 seconds is her warning that she left him too late. If you don’t disable it before it appears, you don’t have time. Run!

Skye Ult follows Yoru Ult

Yoru is one of the most difficult agents to take on, especially if the enemy playing him knows how to properly use his utility. Yoru’s ability to slip behind enemy lines and circle enemies with impunity is unnerving when you can’t see it yourself. Fortunately, there is a counter to his ultimate in the form of Skye.

Skye’s Seeker ultimate actually follows Yoru as she runs, so if you’re playing Skye against a Yoru, make sure to keep an eye on the final orb situation as the game progresses.

Omen Ultimate Spike Capture

Again, most players should already know this one, but for the major Omen who don’t, you’re welcome. Read this silently and then click like you know it all along!

Omen Ultimate allows you to capture the Spike from anywhere on the map by selecting where it will teleport to. He can then cancel the last one and reappear where he was before, this time with Spike in hand. Obviously this is a very useful ability when the Spike has been dropped in an awkward spot trying to grab it. He can also use this technique to hide in one spot while his teammates are somewhere else, then capture the Spike, plant, and communicate rotation.

That’s it for our list of Valorant game tips you probably didn’t know about… but now you do. Be sure to also check out the rest of our Valorant coverage, including the latest Phoenix perks and Shroud’s Valorant build.

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