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4 excellent options for your home

4 excellent options for your home

Table of Contents:

Audio Pro C10 MkII

The best stylish multi-room speaker



The Audio Pro C10 MkII is an excellent representation of how upgrading a loudspeaker with a large following can work in a brand’s favor.

The C10 MkII brings with it some notable smart features on top of Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Cast streaming in an already complete package when it comes to connectivity. As well as this, the speaker also has the ability to work via Bluetooth, Audio Pro’s own multi-room system, as well as an RCA input or 3.5mm jack into which you can plug a turntable and via the multi-room support, play your vinyl music. to other connected speakers. We found that this great connectivity works in the C10 MkII’s favor, providing great versatility for whatever ecosystem you find yourself in.

When it comes to connectivity, the Audio Pro app here offers plenty of options and is one of the most functional on the market today. With it, you have access to a good range of streaming services (Tidal, Qobuz, Amazon Music, Deezer) and internet radio, as well as EQ presets, for example. The C10 MkII also works well with other Audio Pro speakers for multi-room listening, as well as Apple and Google systems. Connecting to other speakers is simple, whether you’re pairing another speaker in the Audio Pro app or grouping speakers together in Google Home or AirPlay.

Additionally, the design has been slightly tweaked to offer a cloth front panel that can be magnetically removed, so you have the option of looking at it or looking at the exposed controllers. We found the C10 MkII to look stylish in both configurations, while also feeling extremely sturdy thanks to its construction. It’s a pretty big speaker, so we’d suggest making sure you have enough space to fit it.

In testing we found the audio on offer here to be particularly big and meaty with solid low end and a crisp, detailed top end to boot. The audio experience here is subtle too, with high-to-low transitions on the orchestral soundtracks feeling nicely nuanced. As for the soundstage, we found that it didn’t stretch over all four corners of the speaker, but its sense of timing and the energetic flow of his presentation nonetheless make it a fun speaker.

Critical: Kob Money
Full Review: Audio Pro C10 MkII

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