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5 actors who could play Jin in the movie Ghost of Tsushima

5 actors who could play Jin in the movie Ghost of Tsushima

Following the critical and commercial success of Ghost of Tsushima last year, it seemed logical that Sony would quickly greenlight a sequel. Sequels are an integral part of the games industry, after all. What certainly took us by surprise was the recently announced franchise expansion to the big screen.

In the midst of such a quiet period in the video game industry, it is a pleasant surprise that makes us dream of returning to the beautiful island of Tsushima. It will be fascinating to see what kind of aesthetic and visual flair the production takes given that Ghost of Tsushima was heavily inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s classic samurai movies.

But film productions live and die in large part thanks to the skill of the talented actors who bring their characters to life, and none will be more important than Ghost of Tsushima’s main protagonist, Jin. Here, we are going to go over five actors that we think are perfect for the role.

Editor’s Note: We assume that Ghost of Tsushima will be written, broadcast and filmed for Western audiences, so we have selected actors whose performances are generally spoken in English.

Daisuke tsuji

Image Credit: daisuketsuji.com

We could hardly start this list if it weren’t for naming Daisuke Tsuji as our top pick for the role of Jin. Tsuji is, after all, both the resemblance and voice of Jin in Ghost of Tsushima. And beyond being familiar to fans of the game, he did an absolutely fantastic job playing the character.

Beyond Tsuji’s talent as a voice actor, he has also played several notable roles on screen, including the Crown Prince in The Man in Amazon’s High Castle, as well as Yoshi Takatsu on the famous comic show Brockmire. Surely it must also be the first choice of the producers of Ghost of Tsushima, right?

Sen mitsuji

Image Credit: Photo by Coco Van Oppens (Left Bank Photos) via IMDB

Australian / Japanese actor Sen Mitsuji is an extremely talented actor who we think is a perfect fit for Jin. His roles on shows like Altered Carbon, The Man in the High Castle, and Origin have distinguished him for being able to portray a wide range of different personalities, from the tough, tough guy to the fragile, traumatized soldier.

Mitsuji’s appearance also fits the role well; He’s the right age for Jin (but maybe a little older) and he’s in very good physical shape.

Considering Mitsuji’s roles on sci-fi shows, we wouldn’t be surprised if he was interested in an alternate history production like Ghost of Tsushima. I hope you get the call!

David sakurai

Image Credit: TeamPlayers

Danish / Japanese actor David Sakurai is about to be too old to play the role of Jin at 41, but his acting skills, looks, and skills as a martial artist mean that we always consider him a first choice. .

After a stint in Japan early in her career, Sakurai returned to Scandinavia and starred in various action, comedy, and drama roles.

Western audiences are likely to remember him in Fantastic Beasts, in which he played Krall. Also, most recently, Colonel Saito in The Man in the High Castle.

Sakurai is fluent in English and Japanese, which can be important depending on the direction Sony takes in the script.

Steven yeun

Image Credit: Peter Prato / Annapurna Pictures via IMDB

American / South Korean actor Steven Yeun is a familiar face not only to those involved in nerdy culture, but to the entire film industry. After establishing himself as a promising talent on AMC’s The Walking Dead, Yeun won accolades for several other terrific performances, including The Burning, which earned him the Best Supporting Actor award from the National Society of Film Critics.

More recently, a starring role in Minari earned Yeun an Oscar nomination for Best Actor, the first time an Asian-American actor has received this honor.

Obviously, Yeun has the acting talent to stand out as Jin in Ghost of Tsushima, and even though he’s not Japanese, we’ve seen actors from other East Asian countries do it, a great job playing Japanese characters in the past; for example, the Filipino actor Joel de la Fuente, who played the role of Chief Inspector Kido in The Man in the High Castle. There is no reason why Yeun couldn’t pull off a similar feat.

Manny Jacinto

Image Credit: IMDB

Filipino-Canadian actor Manny Jacinto’s latest film is currently on hold – the long-awaited Top Gun sequel has yet to be released in the wake of COVID-19 even though filming began in 2018, but you may remember, it’s from his performance. as Waring ‘Wade’ Espiritu in Bad Times at the El Royale. He also played Jason Mendoza on the television series The Good Place.

Die-hard fans of samurai movies might even remember Jacinto’s first role as Kenji in the short film Broken Sword: Shadow of the Blade.

While a single role in a samurai movie isn’t likely to be a deal breaker, it’s still an experience that you could perhaps draw on to help play Jin. That, combined with a long list of other credits on your CV and a young enough physical appearance, seems like a good fit for the role.