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5 Things Marvel Snap Needs To Be Even More Vivid

5 Things Marvel Snap Needs To Be Even More Vivid

Marvel Snap is a new digital card game from Ben Brode and Second Dinner, and while it’s still in beta, the game already shows a lot of potential.

There are still a lot of small issues to iron out, and it’s worth noting that the final version will likely be released with a lot more features and quality of life improvements later this year. Still, here are five things we’d like to see in Marvel Snap that will make the game even better than it already is.

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More game modes

5 Things Marvel Snap Needs To Be Even Better Than It Already Is

Second Dinner has already confirmed on their official Discord that Marvel Snap will launch with more game modes, but it’s still fun to brainstorm, right?

The game absolutely needs casual and ranked modes to separate competitive players from collectors, who just want to have fun with the game and not worry about downgrading. Personally, I’d also like to see coins removed from ranked rewards, and things like gold and credits also being able to be earned through casual play, but that’s a discussion for another day.

With the craze of certain Marvel Snap locations, it would also be great to have wacky modes where all the locations are Kamar-Taj, or something along those lines. Building on the madness and chaos this game thrives on, there will be plenty of fun content for players to enjoy outside of the usual card battles.

A better user interface

5 Things Marvel Snap Needs To Be Even Better Than It Already Is

Let’s be realistic. Right now, Marvel Snap’s menus and UI are a mess. There is a whole tab dedicated to the news section that… why? There is hardly enough daily news or updates to ensure you get a full section on your own.

Getting to his daily and weekly missions, as well as his Season Pass missions, also feels unnecessarily complicated and messy. The game should now simplify many homepage and menu elements, and make all missions easily accessible at the touch of a button.

Your collection level is also displayed at the top, while your rank is at the bottom right and your season pass progress is at the top left. Come together, Marvel Snap. View all profile information in a dedicated area.

Faster collection progress

5 Things Marvel Snap Needs To Be Even Better Than It Already Is

Once again, Second Dinner has stated that recovery mechanics will be implemented for new players once the Marvel Snap is officially released, but hopefully the core collection mechanic isn’t related to card level.

At the moment, the only way to get new cards is to increase your collection level, which can only be done by upgrading your cards with boosters and credits. The current system floods you with Boosters at the end of each game, but the strict credit limit is pretty brutal, to say the least. The developers are likely using this system to prevent beta players from collecting cards too quickly, but Marvel Snap definitely needs some kind of alternative method of collecting cards.

Having tons of cards available for upgrades without the credits to upgrade them is off-putting, and maybe some kind of crafting system or card pack would help alleviate that a bit.

Map customization

5 Things Marvel Snap Needs To Be Even Better Than It Already Is

Speaking of cards, there’s no better feeling than finally upgrading one of your favorite cards to Ultra Legendary or Infinite. Their cards have a nice sheen to them, with cool effects and backgrounds to set them apart from the rest.

That said, some maps are subjectively better with more normal borders and effects. Not every card needs to have a crazy rainbow background, and having the ability to choose the borders and effects you want on each individual card would really help add some uniqueness to your deck.

More detailed map information

5 Things Marvel Snap Needs To Be Even Better Than It Already Is

Cards and the characters attached to them are the heart of Marvel Snap. Second Dinner has already done a fantastic job of bringing them to life and giving them special abilities and perks that really match their MCU and comic counterparts.

Going further, we’d like to see some sort of bio section attached to cards as we receive them. Since the Marvel Snap aims to highlight all of the Marvel characters, even the lesser-known ones, new fans may not know who most of these heroes and villains are, and it would be nice to get brief information like which comic. series where they come from, their personality traits and other little details like that.

It might seem like a small thing, but it would be a great idea for gamers looking to learn more about the massive Marvel Universe.

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