A Ghost of Tsushima developer is creating a sword-fighting dinosaur game

Ghost of Tushima you already know, even if you’ve never played it, it’s a revenge adventure starring a skilled samurai, containing incredible and very cinematic fights. And one of the game’s developers is recreating these characteristics in another game, in which the samurai come out and dinosaurs come in!

The game, which is called Dino-Swordis being created by developer Jean Nguyen, who worked on the gameplay animations for Ghost of Tsushima. Dino-Sword puts the player in control of a Spinosaurus that fights using a gigantic sword in its mouth, and that faces even larger dinosaurs, also equipped with swords!

Check out some videos of the project below that were published by Jean on her Twitter/X profile:

Update week 3 on Dino-Sword, a personal game project. All Rough animations for now. Music by @nestormronda give him a follow! pic.twitter.com/S0hEOMxKGH

— Jean Nguyen (@JeanAnimate) October 6, 2023

Dino-Sword, a new personal project. Music by @nestormronda give him a follow! pic.twitter.com/SNYqp1DLtC

— Jean Nguyen (@JeanAnimate) September 29, 2023

Pretty cool, isn’t it? And in the videos we can see that Spinosaurus will have access to more than one different type of sword, in addition to being able to perform very powerful combos full of movement and style!

Dino-Sword is a personal project by Jean Nguyen, and therefore there is no release date or confirmed platforms yet. But its development has been going really well, so it would be cool to see this idea turn into something real!

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