A new Sonic could be announced in February

Fans of the blue hedgehog will have spent some time without knowing anything about the one who was once an icon of SEGA, and that is It’s been a long time since we heard anything about Sonic. since the discreet ‘Sonic: Generations’ of 2011 that was released on PS3 and Xbox 360 among others.

2016 welcomes Sonic’s 25th anniversaryso it is assumed that the company is preparing a good return that will restore some light to a character whose charisma has not been respected by the quality of its latest games.

It seems that SEGA itself is crazy about announcing something and he even dares to hint at the title, because on Sonic’s official Tumblr they have published an image of an NFL player accompanied by various hashtags who play with the return of the hedgehog. Messages like “we have something coming up in February that you’ll be interested in but we can’t talk about it yet”, “don’t tell anyone you saw these tags, okay?” and finished off with a “big’s big fishing adventure 3”, a clear reference to Sonic Adventure 3.

Will this be the title that marks Sonic’s arrival in the current generation of consoles? It doesn’t seem like it will be long to find out.

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