A wave of great games will arrive on PS4 in 2016

Shu Yoshida said earlier this week that he believes 2016 is a good year to own a PS4. Yoshida-san recently gave an interview to 4Gamer where he talked about his excitement for 2016, especially when it comes to big titles.

2016 will be an unprecedented year of great titles for PS4. It is also the year of the launch of the long-awaited PlayStation VR. “It’s the year of PlayStation 4 users, and those who are thinking about buying it will see that it’s good to have a PS4.”

Those who already have a PS4 may be happy with releases like ‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Street Fighter V, Horizon Zero Dawn either ‘The Last Guardian. On the other hand, Yoshida-san seemed to point to virtual reality as his big focus this year.

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