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Air quality data arrives on Google Maps

Air quality data arrives on Google Maps

Google Maps is about to launch a new feature that will offer its users information about the air quality. The service will initially be offered in the US for both Android and iOS.

Google will make available, based on the place where the user is, the air quality index, together with further indications dedicated to outdoor activities, also indicating how much the information was updated last time and providing the relevant links to learn more.

The data comes from trusted government agencies, including l‘United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Maps will also show PurpleAir air quality information, a low-cost sensor network that can offer a pretty detailed local condition situation.
PurpleAir information is also available on Nest displays and speakers.

With the arrival of summer, Maps will also deal with another major problem: that of fires, reporting any active outbreaks in a specific area, thanks to the collaboration of Google with the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC).
For large fires it will also be possible to search for “fires near me” to view associated details, along with air quality information.

As always the service will be initially active in the United Statesto then be gradually extended to other geographical areas.