Amazon cancels Galaxy Tab 8.9

The preliminary injunction against Samsung that Apple obtained appears to be having its first concrete consequences. Amazon has canceled orders for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 in Germany.

Amazon Germany today canceled all pre-orders for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 8.9 and informed buyers that the product is not available:

Hello, we have current information about your order. Unfortunately, the following title is not available: “Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Tablet 16GB (22.6 cm (8.9 inch) display, touchscreen, 3 megapixel camera, Android 3.1) white” We waited for a while, hoping We can still get items for you. This item now has to be permanently removed from your order.

While it was not yet clear whether production bottlenecks at Samsung or the injunction were responsible for the non-delivery of the tablet, with the current cancellation and the practically simultaneous start of sales in the USA, it seems pretty clear that Amazon simply does not have the device receives.

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