Amazon publishes a new free graphics engine based on the CryEngine

Than the sales portal Amazon is growing exponentially in recent years it is something very evident, just as no one misses the interest of the North American company to expand into other fields such as video gamebuying from the live game broadcast platform Twitch for 970 million dollars and there are rumors of the development of its own video game console to compete with Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo.

The latest movement in this sense has been the publication of Amazon Lumberyarda free platform that is based on cloud storage, Twitch itself, and a computing service.

With its engine, anyone can develop games for PCs, consoles, mobile phones and even virtual reality platforms for free and allows full integration with Twitch to add streaming services. Your technology It is based on the CryEngine engine used by Crytek and includes a good number of modules among which Geppetto stands out, a powerful character creator.

The only drawback is that if the game wants to connect to Internet must be through Amazon’s own servers as long as the game is online and the company that publishes it does not have its own dedicated servers, and Amazon also bases a large part of its business activity on network computing services.

If you are curious to learn more about this engine and see more visual examples of what can be achieved with it, we invite you to visit its official website, where you can register to access the beta, available from today.

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