Amazon sells Kindle Fire below the production price – New Kindle app in the Android Market

According to market researchers at iSuppli, Amazon is selling its latest tablet addition, the “Kindle Fire,” below the manufacturing price. The device retails for $199, but costs $209.63 to manufacture.

As was already clear before the launch of the Kindle Fire, the online mail order company will want to generate the majority of its revenue from content sold in its own shops – so this news is hardly surprising. However, most experts originally assumed a price of 250-300 USD. The iSuppli numbers are not set in stone, but they do provide a rough guide. Amazon seems to be sure of its position – in contrast to other manufacturers, the people from Oregon also have enough digital content with over 950,000 books on offer to be able to allow such maneuvers.

New Fire-style Kindle app

Practically at the same time as the launch of the new Fire Kindle, Amazon released a new version of the Kindle app in the Android Market. The design is based on the surface of the Fire tablet.

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