Analysts bet on the superiority of PlayStation VR

The die is cast, and the cards are laid on the table. The first three opponents who have immersed themselves fully in the world of virtual reality have already shown all their weapons and now time is what will put each of them in their place.

Nevertheless, Some analysts have been able to test the teams before anyone else and see their overall strategy for the future. According to some media such as DFC Intelligence of the three opponents we have right now (PlayStation VR, Oculus and HTC Vive) the Sony device, despite not being the best positioned technologically, could be the winner.

According to the media, the determining point that leaves PlayStation VR as the winner is that said device does not require a huge outlay or updates to its current support, so it simply already has a huge demand from potential buyers based around the world.

PlayStation 4 would be the main culprit for the success of PlayStation VR against its opponents since the Sony console does not need anything else to be able to work with its peripheral. PlayStation VR will arrive next October at a price of €399, we will see if the analysts are not confused in the end.

While this time arrives, we invite you to Take a look at our latest opinion article on the matter.


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