Android Auto for phones turns off when Google Assistant driving mode takes over

Google shut down the mobile version of Android Auto, which allowed drivers to access the infotainment system without having a compatible car or head unit.

The standalone app called “Android Auto for Phone Screens” allowed users to control apps like Maps and Phone in an easy-to-use experience for phones stored in a dash snap.

The app was discontinued since Android 12 last year, but phones running Android 11 or earlier could still access it on their devices, 9to5Google reports.

While Google anticipated the move, the company has now completely disabled the app, redirecting to a settings page on Android for Android Auto.

“Android Auto is now only available for car screens,” says a message on the settings page, which gives users the option to connect a car and access previously connected cars.

Although the app hasn’t been used as much in recent years, it was a nice bonus for users who had older cars without Android Auto functionality.

It’s not all bad news for Android-based controllers. The company finally launched the Google Assistant drive mode in 2021. Announced by Google I/O 2019, it will allow us to access a new tableau on the edge of the phone that presents the most useful information. to the foreground.

Drivers will see navigation, messages, calls and media, which are intelligently organized according to what the assistant considers most important. It’s designed to automatically work with the car when connected to Bluetooth, while users can also say “Ok Google, let’s drive” to launch driving mode, making it a bit like Knight Rider.

At Google I/O 2022, the company announced a major redesign of Android Auto, bringing split-screen functionality to all displays capable of running Android Auto, regardless of form factor. This will ensure that everyone has quick access to their media and incoming messages, while browsing front and center. Google says this will reduce the need to switch between apps while driving. The new UI is responsive, meaning it will fit portrait and landscape screens and even the widest screen options on the market, without the aspect ratio getting weird.

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