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Apple cuts trade-in values ​​by up to 42% for Mac, iPad and Apple Watch

Apple cuts trade-in values ​​by up to 42% for Mac, iPad and Apple Watch

Apple has significantly reduced the trade-in value of some of its most popular products, according to the company’s trade-in website.

The top three product categories that saw a reduction this week are iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. But first, some good news: The best iPhone you can trade in, the iPhone 12, is still priced at $650 for the “Pro Max” variant, and all Apple phones revert back to the iPhone 6 while retaining their previous value.

Apple slashed the price of the Apple Watch Series 6 by a few bucks from $170 to $150, while the Series SE, 5, 4 and 3 were also slashed by $15 to $20. According to the site, Apple no longer offers a price for the Apple Watch Series 2 (previously $20), but will likely only accept it for free recycling.

The iPad Pro and iPad Air saw their prices drop from $680 and $335 to $655 and $290 respectively, with minor reductions for the standard iPad and iPad mini.

Unfortunately, the biggest losers are anyone planning to trade in a Mac to Apple in the near future, with prices for Apple’s high-end desktops and laptops falling sharply.

The price of a trade-in MacBook Pro fell from around $350 to $1,000, the MacBook Air dropped from $490 to $400, and the MacBook from $315 to $220.

Apple’s desktop machines have seen even more drastic cuts, likely due to their higher starting prices. The Mac mini went from $600 to $450, the iMac from $1,200 to $850, the Mac Pro from $2,720 to $2,000, and the iMac Pro from $2,315 to just $1,500, or a 42% price reduction.

It’s important to note that Apple can only provide quote estimates online and the price of a device during trade-in is not guaranteed until it has been physically verified by Apple. The prices listed on the trade-in website are the highest prices you can expect to receive for a given device. Apple offers in-store or prepaid trade-in kits that can be shipped to your home at select locations. Apple also changed its redemption policy to allow customers to redeem products for gift cards even if they don’t make a purchase. Originally, customers could only trade in a device if they bought a new one.

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