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Apple no longer signs iOS 15.4.1 for iPhone

Apple no longer signs iOS 15.4.1 for iPhone

Source: Joseph Keller / ComoHow

Apple has stopped signing iOS 15.4.1, which means that it now blocks older versions of iOS on iPhone. This means that anyone who wants to install any version of iOS must now install iOS 15.5.

Apple has been known to stop signing older versions of iOS as it releases new versions to ensure users are running the latest version of Apple’s iPhone software. New versions of each software include not only new features and bug fixes, but also performance improvements and security updates.

Now anyone trying to restore an iPhone will only have iOS 15.5, as Apple now blocks versions prior to iOS 15.4.1. Those on the public and developer beta train can, of course, always install the latest iOS beta builds.

While some appreciate the ability to downgrade to an earlier version of iOS as an alternative to problems with a newer version of the software, this opening is often short-lived. If you’re using iOS 15.5 and experiencing issues, you’ll have to wait for Apple to release a newer update.

iOS 15.5 is the latest public release of iOS 15. It added new ways to manage Apple Podcast downloads, but didn’t bring any other major features. It also implemented a number of common bug fixes and performance improvements.

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