Apple Watch LTE support arrives in the UK three years late

Source: Stephen Warwick/ComoHow

UK carrier Three has confirmed that its customers can now add their Apple Watch to their existing iPhone plan for the first time. Customers can set up a new “Smartwatch Pairing” eSIM plan, the carrier confirmed.

Although Three has not officially confirmed the plan as such, users have just started reporting that they have been able to set up new Three eSIMs on their cellular Apple Watch. ISPReview reports that Three says the plan is currently part of a soft launch, but a full announcement will be made in due course.

As for the new eSIM, the connection will of course use the customers Apple Watch cellular connection, but the data used will be drawn from the iPhone plan deposit. So those with unlimited data needn’t worry, while those with a data cap will soon have two devices working to catch up.

The newest Apple Watch Series 7 already supports a cellular option and it’s a safe bet that a cellular Apple Watch Series 8 will also launch later this year. Cellular connections make these wearables the best Apple Watch for people who want to be able to do without an iPhone, especially when exercising and dropping an iPhone can be disastrous.

As for pricing, the new Smartwatch pairing plan will cost £7 per month, and you’ll need that iPhone plan before you can get started; the eSIM plan is considered a kind of add-on.

Three had previously said that eSIM support for Apple Watch would arrive in the second quarter of 2022, but expectations were relatively low given the carrier’s inability to meet deadlines before then. Three is also behind the game, with other carriers like O2, Vodafone and EE already offering plans for people who want to use their Apple Watches on their network.

Apple added cellular support to its Apple Watch in 2017 with its Apple Watch Series 3 – it’s great to see three customers finally being able to join the cellular part.

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