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Apple’s new Rainbow MacBook Air line might not be after all

Apple’s new Rainbow MacBook Air line might not be after all

Current rumors point to Apple possibly announcing a revamped MacBook Air at Monday’s WWDC22 event, but hopes of the machine arriving in flashy colors are likely to fade.

Reports in recent months have shown that Apple is preparing a new MacBook Pro with colors similar to those of an iMac, including red, orange and more. Now Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has poured cold water on that belief, saying we might get some colors, but not the rainbow we expected.

Gurman wrote about his expectations on Twitter, dashing his hopes as he typed on his keyboard.

The common idea that the new MacBook Air comes in a range of “multiple colors” is probably exaggerated. Currently, it is available in space gray, silver and gold. I wouldn’t expect more of these colors (although the new gold looks more like champagne) other than my favorite iMac color.

Gurman included an image of the blue iMac, suggesting we could see it added to the mix. If that’s correct, we can expect space gray, silver, gold, and blue MacBook Airs to go on sale in the coming weeks, though we’ll just have to wait until WWDC22 to find out which colors are the best Macs for most people. it will fit

Along with the new look, an updated MacBook Air may well see the inclusion of Apple’s new second-generation silicon in the form of the M2. In addition to the colors, the chassis of the machine will also change to look more like the latest MacBook Pro line.

Apple’s WWDC event kicks off on Monday, June 6 with a broadcast keynote that will also see the announcement of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13, tvOS 16, and watchOS 9 if past events are any indication.

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