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Bayonetta – PC Review


Bayonetta – PC Review

When suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, one of the best action with a lot of style and dark settings ever conceived was available, even on PC, the curiosity to replay it and to fully enjoy the news was at a level very high. there Bayonetta, the witch-diva, ready for a new adventure: therefore, not only console owners, after several years (it was released on PS3 and X360), but also PC Gaming lovers will be able to rub their eyes in front of this ‘cult’ of videogames.

The action game lovers, who see the speed and fluidity of gameplay as the ultimate goal of their gaming experience on PC, have found their totem: yes because Bayonetta, the most famous witch in the world of video games, is back more energetic, dynamic and snappy than ever, with a PC port and graphic and style reinterpretations that will make your eyes widen. Yes, because it amazes, and still, after many years, has fun in every aspect of gameplay.

The porting, we said, is among the most successful ever, from Console to PC: Bayonetta in fact came out as a masterpiece, both because the dynamics and the animated liveliness of the gameplay that had configured the title at the time have been maintained and improved, and because the experience on the PC is so rich and fun to keep you. stuck to the monitor for hours, and hours … and hours. Speed, with 1080p and 60fps that resist even in the most agitated phases, a truly almost touching gaming experience, for those who love action video games (and fighting games too) and have been playing them for some time. Platinum Games in fact, he did nothing but respect Bayonetta fans, on the one hand, but also reinvigorated the experience making it unique in its own way. But Platinum Games has obviously also looked to new fans – because we are sure that all those who play it for the first time will become -, who will find one of the best action-style videogame experiences on PC that could be expected. If to gameplay that was already unique, fast and dynamic in its console version from years ago, put that into it everything has been made even more fluid and above all stable in all its moments, even the most excited, and you can put that into it the graphics have been improved a lot, with optics also at 4K, well, you get the full picture. Bayonetta was in the past a great action with so much style to make the witch almost an icon of the genre, now it has also become one of the best PC porting solutions, in all its aspects.

But let’s take a small step back for those who do not know Bayonetta and would like to approach this new title brought to PC by Platinum Games: Bayonetta is a super stylish, dancer and provocative witch who invents fighting poses and moves as if she were always in front of a camera and in the spotlight. A dark diva in all senses who with magical and fighting skills makes her way among angels, archangels and cherubs and plays them to everyone with good reason. The action is frenetic, the battles even with the ‘bosses’ are very rich, enriched by endless combos (even possible to pause them and then conclude them, or carry out chain shots in slow-motion) multi-weapon, from pistol shots to jabs and blows of gigantic and destructive weapons gradually stolen from the enemies. In short, pure adrenaline, action, and fun, with a story that goes into the background, you or you don’t want to.

I was looking for something negative in this Bayonetta on PC, but there is no fault (it also has a more than affordable cost) maybe I would have added some extra content for those who had already played the title on consoles, but the technical and graphic improvements are so accurate, the gaming experience is so satisfying and allows you to enjoy everything to the full to the point that no shadows are seen on the title, only lights.

At this point a final judgment that can only be positive, Bayonetta is highly recommended, for everyone, for old ‘console’ fans and for new fans on PC. And those who love fast-paced action with neat animations that also tend to hyperbole in such situations, can’t really miss it.