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Best Black Developer Apps: Self-Care, Social Justice, and More

Best Black Developer Apps: Self-Care, Social Justice, and More

Looking for a way to support the people of color and Black Lives Matter movement? One easy thing you can do is help black app developers by downloading and using their apps. Here’s a collection of black developer apps to try, including kids apps, community apps, free game apps, a reading app, a restaurant app, a money management app, and more. Enjoy!

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We’ve written about the Apple Maps guide to Black-owned restaurants. We’ve also created an app roundup to help support people of color in your community. For more great free content, check out our Tip of the Day.

Support and community apps

We also read (Free)

Created by Dartmouth graduate Kaya Thomas, this directory of books by authors of color is easy to navigate with categories from images to young adults and a section to suggest books to add to the database.

Myavana ($1.99/month)

Created by four co-founders, Myavana offers in-depth analysis and product and style recommendations for all hair types for women of color.

Kiddie Kredit (Free)

Entrepreneur Evan Leaphart wants kids to grow up understanding money management. He’s app allows kids to earn rewards for completing chores and learn about credit as they go.

Matatu (Free)

Terry Karungi brought this two-player Ugandan game to mobile. He plays with your friend or against the computer and enjoy a break from standard solitaire style mobile games.

Lifestyle and apps for kids

Black Nation (Free)

By entrepreneur Rameish Budhoo, this app lets you search your city for Black-owned businesses. Choose a category and find highly rated stores near you, or support from afar with online ordering.

Empower (Free)

Join events and follow organizations that interest you. Depending on your location, you will receive suggestions or associations and campaigns relevant to your interests.

Shine ($11.99/month)

This self-improvement app from Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi provides inspiration, anxiety management, and better sleep through community posts and audio programming.

Ujama (Free)

From the Swahili word for extended family, Ujama is an app designed to bring communities together. Find support for everything from childcare to trusted marketplace interactions.

EatOkra (Free)

This app is your guide to finding local black-owned restaurants and food trucks. This app allows you to choose your culinary preferences and offers a curated list of local restaurants.

Options (Free)

Enjoy some romance and adventure with this choose your own adventure drama game. Design a character and choose your story (in-app purchases apply to some content, but you can play a lot for free).

New app to follow

Kingdom Pay (Free)

In the coming months, expect the launch of this promising black-owned mobile banking app that aims to help communities of color build wealth. KingdomPay will go head-to-head with apps like Venmo and Square Cash, as well as offering additional services like a debit card, a rewards program, and in-app texting for social interactions.