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best headphone deals

best headphone deals

Prime Day is here and if you’re an Amazon Prime customer, it might actually be the best time of the year (yes, better than Christmas) because for two days you’ll be privy to a party of deals that are only available on Amazon.

We’ll be focusing on the best headphone deals available over the two days of the event, with a variety of brands packed with deals to appeal to anyone looking to upgrade their existing headphones. Big names like Bose, Sony and Philips will launch their products, while more affordable brands like Earfun and SoundMagic will offer deals on their already cheap headphones.

So if you’re looking to get the premium headphones you wanted for less, or save as much as you can by getting a nice discount, we’ve been looking at the best deals available during the two-day Prime Day event. .

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Until recently, the WH-1000XM4 were our favorite wireless noise-canceling headphones, but they’ve been dethroned by Sony’s WH-1000XM5. They remain a fantastic choice for any music lover with excellent rich sound that works across a variety of music genres. More than that, they’re one of the best noise cancelers available, cutting down a lot of noise so your music sessions won’t be distracting, and they’re also very smart.

They fit the bill in a number of ways and you can save 40 per cent on these headphones, bringing them closer to the magical £200 mark. An offer you can’t refuse.

Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones just saw a massive price drop

The five-star Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones just got an incredible price drop in honor of Amazon Prime Day.

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Bose 700 Noise Canceling Headphones

The WH-1000XM4 isn’t the only pair of high-end wireless ANC cans available in the Prime Day sale. Bose’s stylish 700 noise-canceling headphones are also part of the two-day event, and if you want your headphones to be comfortable to wear and look good, check out Bose headphones.

If you like neutral, colorless music then the NCH 700s are a solid bet. It is one of the lightest ANC models on the market in terms of weight and super comfortable to wear, their noise cancellation is very effective and they are smarter (like the voice assistant integration) than the new QuietComfort 45. We liked them a lot when They’re out for the first time, and at 50% off, they’re the cheapest 700 noise-cancelling headphones we’ve ever seen in retail.

Save 50% on the Bose NCH 700

Bose’s sleek and stylish ANC headphones got 50% off for Prime Day

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Bowers & Wilkins Pi7

Les Pi7 ont été les first entrants de Bowers & Wilkins sur le veritable marché du sans fil et bien qu’ils aient été améliorés par de modèles comme le WF-1000XM4, ces écouteurs sans fil produisent un son doux, raffiné et detaillé qui est parmi the best. They benefit from high-end specs, which is why Tidal and Qobuz subscribers are the primary audience for these headphones.

Their noise cancellation is good and they look great, and while they do have some issues (like comfort and poor battery life), they’re worth checking out this Prime Day for their inventive loadout. It works as an audio receiver, picking up audio from a wired source and transmitting it to headphones, ideal for use on airplanes.

Bowers and Wilkins Pi7 drop in price for Prime Day

It’s not often that black and white products get a price reduction, and this is the cheapest they’ve ever been on Amazon

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Earfun Free Pro

Of course, not everyone can afford the above headphones, even at their discounted prices. Earfun specializes in offering cheaper true wireless earbuds and Free Pro offers noise cancellation and long battery life.

They strike a nice tonal balance, with a distinctive stereo image and good amounts of punch to make music a gripping listen. For the price, noise cancellation is better than expected, but ambient mode is a weak point. For gamers, there’s a low latency mode and their IPX5 waterproofing makes them a solid choice for use in the gym. A good all-rounder at an even more affordable price.

Get Earfun’s true wireless ANC for even less this Prime Day

A huge saving on Earfun’s already cheap ANC headphones

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Magic Sound E11C

An old gilt, if you will, the E11Cs have been around for years and there’s a reason they last so long: they’re really, really good.

Unlike the other options on this list, this is a wired pair, but with WFH usage increasing and people needing a stable connection to run their meetings, you won’t get a more stable connection than a wired headset. . Its sound quality has improved over the previous model, with quiet sound and punchy bass, plenty of punch coupled with nice, detailed midrange performance. A brilliant pair of budget headphones.

SoundMagic’s excellent wired headphones on sale for Prime Day

SoundMagic’s super cheap wired headphones are available for around £40

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