BGS 2023 – Cougar brings gamer chairs and good solutions for gaming

BGS 2023 is a place where you can find lots of new games and accessories. Therefore, we visited the Cougar space at the fair, where we were able to check out several gaming chairs as well as special tables and cabinets.

Among the highlights are several casemods using the company’s cases, including an impressive customization of Cratus in partnership with Galax’s HOF line.

In addition to this mentioned machine, several other casemods attract attention, from one inspired by the One Piece pirate series to one dedicated to Dragon Ball Z and some themed around the Mario universe.

The Predator gaming chair and the E-Mars table are on display, and visitors could test both the chair that offers maximum comfort with the table that is adjusted the way the player prefers when playing Flight Simulator.

Cougar’s newly launched RGB FAN chair is also available for demonstration at the booth, promising not only comfort but also the solution to sweat on hot days and long gaming sessions. Especially in hot cities spread across Brazil.

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