BGS 2023 – Top Racer Collection even brought the Uno with a ladder for testing at the fair

Last year, we were able to play Top Racer Collection, the collection that will bring back the classic Top Gear from the Super Nintendo days, plus a special edition of the first game, which can be played with the cars from Horizon Chase, its spiritual successor. Available at QUByte during the fair, this time it was possible to play all four games, in a more complete demo.

This time, we were able to check out not only the games, which follow the same essence as the original game, but with a polished control for use with current analog sticks, but also notice their new features, such as the random clue system, so as not to force the player any longer. player to create the “script” of the game, being able to play on any circuit, randomly. A great opportunity for those who were small at the time, and didn’t get beyond the first clues.

Furthermore, we were able to check out Crossroads, the partnership with Horizon Chase, which allows us to play the first Top Gear with cars from the Aquiris/Epic Games Brasil game, including the famous Uno with a ladder. The games are practically the same as the 16-bit era, but with an online mode, some new features and a control that is actually quite interesting.

The game does not yet have a release date, but QUByte says it will soon announce the arrival date of this collection, plus some news regarding the game.

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