BGS 2023 – We play Ruff Ghanor, Jovem Nerd’s new game

At BGS 2023we also had a very interesting game to discover. Ruff Ghanor, the game inspired by the RPG of Young nerdwas available in the Kaboom! at the fair, together with the Predator, the store’s partner at the event. The deck builder proposes to bring to games everything that fans of the original work would like to see in the game.

At the event, it was possible to see an act of history, which was also a way to show players the essential controls of the game. Which really helps people who want to enjoy the game, but who have no idea how to play a game like this, based on action with cards.

Each character, including himself Ruff Ghanor, has its own abilities, represented by cards. Characters appear as allies in battles, at specific moments, in combats that have a roguelite touch, as new cards are given as rewards for those who win the fights, and the learning acquired in battles returns in some form when the character is defeated. . As in Dead Cellsfor example.

Another thing that will draw fans’ attention is the fact that the dialogues feature voices from the original work, including the well-known William Briggs. What makes Ruff Ghanorat least in our first contact, more than a game “made for the fan”, but with the potential to do the opposite: to captivate new players, through the game, so that they get to know the original work and the work previously carried out in the RPG.

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