Bloodborne producer wants to release ambitious title in 2016

The year 2015 that we leave behind has been especially profitable for Sony and PlayStation 4 and has left us great games to choose from without fear of making a mistake. The company is confident that 2016 will also be important and PlayStation users can hope for the best.

There are many japanese studies who work hard to provide great titles for Sony’s fourth desktop, including SCE Japan Studio that apparently, and according to Bloodborne producer Teruyuki ToriyamaIt would preparing a great title for 2016 comparable to what the From Software exclusive was and even rivals the studio’s other major release, Dark Souls 3. Could it perhaps be a sequel to Bloodborne itself?

They are not the only ones working to expand the PS4 catalog, studios like Atlus, Bandai Namco, Capcom or Grasshopper They also hope to release games in 2016, as well as Level 5 that prepares the continuation of a very popular saga or square enixor do you think that for the 30th anniversary of Dragon Quest Don’t you have something on your hands?

We will have to save, just in case.

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