Book of Demons – the long-awaited premiere today

Book of Demons is one of this year’s most anticipated productions from Poland. After more than two years spent in Early Access, the game will see the light of day in its full glory. You can purchase it during the launch week Book of Demons with 20% discount. Additionally, a studio Thing Trunk I was tempted to produce a small, electronic collector’s edition. It includes a digital artbook (PDF, 70 pages), the full original soundtrack, 18 thematic wallpapers in 4K resolution and a digital poster. If you are not entirely sure about whether Book of Demons If it suits your tastes, a demo version will be available on Steam. Thing Trunk describes his debut product as follows:

“Book of Demons is a card-based hack & slash game where you decide the length of your adventures. Instead of using a sword, fight with cards and defeat the terrifying armies of darkness in the dungeons beneath the Old Cathedral. Tear the fearsome Paperverse from the clutches of the Archdemon himself! Book of Demons is the first installment in Return 2 Games – a series of innovative mid-core games inspired by the golden age of PC gaming.”

You can read our impressions of the Early Access version here. You’ll have to wait a little longer for the final review. You can watch the latest premiere trailer below.

Book of Demons trailer

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