‘Broadband Navigator’ for PS2 will close its doors at the end of this month

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Branch has announced that Broadband Navigator will finally close its doors in Japan on March 31; a software that despite never having left this territory, has been used a lot All these years on Western PlayStation 2 thanks to certain modifications.

Broadband Navigator is a program released on the Japanese PlayStation 2 consoles that allowed players format a hard drive for use with your platform while providing an interface to allow them manipulate data on that hard drive.

In this way if someone had a certain game With this console, we could use Broadband Navigator to enter the data and replace the standard soundtrack or music with a song or a list of songs stored in the hard drive. The program also had some other features such as a Linux-based web browser, channels for listening to music, channels for uploading and downloading photos, channels for watching movies, channels for learning more about video games and even an account manager.


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