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Buyer’s Guide 2019: iPad Pro Cases, Accessories & Gear

Buyer’s Guide 2019: iPad Pro Cases, Accessories & Gear

If you have purchased a new iPad Pro, it is important to protect your investment with a case. You may also want to check out accessories like an Apple Pencil 2, an iPad keyboard, a screen protector, or a USB hub. In this 2019 Buyer’s Guide article, we’ll cover five of the best iPad Pro accessories for your new tablet, from the new Apple Pencil to offerings from brands like Zagg and Speck.

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* All prices are for the 11-inch iPad Pro *

Apple Pencil 2 ($ 119.99)

The Apple Pencil is the kind of accessory that only Apple could make. The stylus integrates seamlessly with the iPad; From a hardware perspective, the stylus magnetically attaches to the iPad, allowing it to be charged wirelessly while being safely stored. From a software perspective, it is built into the operating system, allowing you to activate your iPad with your stylus and enjoy true pressure sensitivity in all applications. This is a must-have accessory for anyone who enjoys art, takes notes by hand, or does any kind of markup on their iPad.

Zagg Glass + Visionguard ($ 64.99)

I can’t tell you how many iPads I have seen that were no longer working due to their cracked screens. Make sure to protect not only your investment with a sturdy case, but also with a glass screen protector. Zagg is one of my favorite brands when it comes to screen protection. Its glass screen protectors are of high quality and easy to install. What makes the Visionguard screen protector really stand out is that it not only protects your iPad from you (and your accidental drops), but it also protects it from your iPad. TheVisionguard blocks blue light, which can cause eyestrain and has been shown to affect sleep quality.

Brydge Pro ($ 99.99)

The first time I connected a wireless keyboard to my iPad Pro, I was amazed at how much it helped my productivity. Not only does a keyboard make typing much faster, but there are also a variety of keyboard shortcuts that make it easier to navigate my iPad and make multitasking more functional. The Brydge Pro is by far my favorite iPad keyboard I’ve tried. It’s made from machined aluminum to match the finish of the iPad, and the design of the keyboard hinges makes your iPad look a bit like a MacBook. The hinge system also allows you to view your iPad at any angle, which I love, and the backlit keys are really useful for use in low light.

HyperDrive 6-in-1 USB-C Hub ($ 99.99)

Apple switched the iPad Pro to a USB-C connector with the idea of ​​supporting more accessories. However, many accessories still do not use USB-C connectors. Hyper-Drive is an excellent solution to this problem; plugs into your iPad’s USB-C port so you can connect to a variety of different types of ports. The HyperDrive supports microSD so you can easily sync photos to your DSLR camera, an ethernet cable in case you want to connect to the internet via cable, a USB-A port for older accessories, and my personal favorite, a headphone port. It also has a USB-C port with pass-through charging, so you can charge your iPad while using the other accessories. Finally, the HyperDrive is made of high-quality machined metal that looks stylish and matches your iPad.

Speck Presidio Pro Folio ($ 34.99)

Selecting the right case for an iPad isn’t just about protecting your device; it’s also about finding a case that holds your iPad at the right angle for you. Folio cases are my preferred type because I can safely balance my iPad from both sitting and reclining positions, and the screen is at the right angle. The Speck Presidio Pro Folio offers excellent protection without being bulky and even has a built-in slot for your Apple Pencil.