Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified review

The desire to bring the success achieved on PS3 to PSVita can sometimes play nasty tricks, and CODBOD is highly likely to leave dissatisfied buyers who play it with the same demands and expectations as the PS3 version.
The game in question is neither a port nor anything else: it is a stand-alone title narrating some of the events of the protagonists of the Black Ops saga, agents Mason and Woods. The title will include a series of missions that will allow us to better understand the events narrated in the main saga on PS3.

The campaign mode contains three different modes:
Time challenge: with 5 missions in which we can earn from one to three stars depending on the time it takes to complete them and our skill;
Operations: representing the main plot thread that connects to the victories of the PS3 saga. 10 missions (but it would be better to say MINI missions) in which we will take on the role of Woods and Mason to shed light on some shadows of the saga. The missions in operations mode can be played at three difficulty levels, which are actually poorly balanced, from easy which isn’t really easy to difficult (3 stars out of 3) which will often be quite frustrating.
Hostiles: five “survival” style missions where we will simply have to survive alone against waves of enemies. At the end of each wave we will have the opportunity to obtain supplies that will help us during the next wave.
The strong point, the only one that remains in the end after quickly completing the few missions available in the equally few game modes, turns out to be the multiplayer mode. There are five types of games:

  • Team deathmatch, naked and raw. Work with your team to eliminate enemies.
  • Kill confirmed, collect dog tags and get points for the team.
  • Drop Zone, maintain control of the drop zone to earn team points and supplies.
  • Team tactics, mixed matches of the three previously described modes.
  • All against all, every man for himself. Naked deathmatch.

The maps of the various modes are rather limited (for example, for those who have played Nuketown on COD:BO, just think that the map is “closed” at the height of the bus in the middle of the map) and the teams are made up of a small number of players.
Despite the difficulty you will find in dealing with online gaming from the PSVita, the multiplayer mode is the best thing you will find in this title. At first you will feel frustrated if you compare your performance on the portable console to that obtained on the PS3, but with a little practice and a lot (A LOT) of patience you will be able to see excellent results after just a few games.

Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified is a title that leaves you with a bit of a bad taste in your mouth. The fun guaranteed by the possibility of challenging other players in multiplayer is not enough to make up for the lack of missions for the offline game modes and being one of the titles that the player buys on the trust placed in one of the most famous brands in the world, it was expected really something more

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