Capcom announces its plans for those who abandon games in ‘Street Fighter V’

After much waiting since the release of Street Fighter V last February, Capcom it’s finally ready to apply a new penalty system for players who abandon games in order to avoid defeats. In fact it has announced via Twitter that this new system will arrive this month.

As a “temporary solution”, the company started earlier with a reduction in their League Points and therefore, a significant reduction in their rank. However, that was just a warning. Those players whose radius of departures abandoned is close to 80% or 90%, they will be able to receive a complete reset of their League Points and rank; something that probably wouldn’t be funny to anyone.

Previously the company spoke about the short term changes that would arrive in this delivery:

First of all we want to thank the community for being so proactive in this matter. Since last week, we have received tons of videos both in Unity and on our social networks, which we have been able to relate to our data and put it all together to create a clearer picture of the players who are abusing the system. Although we were confident that the players in our system with a high ratio of abandoned games are the same ones who want to avoid defeat at all costs, we did not want to start applying punishments without any proof.

You can check it in the tweet below:

We’re planning to roll out a system this month that will address the rage quitting issue in #SFV. More details coming soon!

— Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) April 13, 2016


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