Capcom extends ‘Deep Down’ registration in the United States

It seems that a couple of weeks ago the popular developer and distributor Japan, Capcom, filed a petition to extend the registration of the Deep Down trademark in the United States Patent and Registration Office; a brand that It was registered in 2013 and has not been used commercially since.

Deep Down is an RPG in development by Capcom Online Games SCE Japan Studio that was announced for the first time in 2013 as an exclusive for PlayStation 4 and was advertised alongside the launch of the console. However, we have barely had any news about the game and many fans they began to think that Capcom would have abandoned the project.

Fortunately for the company, the USPTO approved the request and has extended the Deep Down record, although now they only have an extension that they probably have to use in August of this year.

The fact that registration has currently been extended means that Capcom is still plan to release this gamewhich we had not heard from since March 2015. Players in Japan expect a Deep Down beta soon previously announcedalthough as far as we know, the future of this installment is uncertain.

You can check the patent in the image below:


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