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Cardano-Based Cardalonia Metaverse Integrates Adahandle, Set to Release First Game-to-Win Trailer


Cardano-Based Cardalonia Metaverse Integrates Adahandle, Set to Release First Game-to-Win Trailer

As Cardano’s decentralized application ecosystem grows, its flagship Play-to-Earn product, Cardalonia, opens up new passive income opportunities for its enthusiasts.

Today, gamers are taking advantage of blockchain concepts like NFTS to make gaming not only a source of entertainment, but also a passive income stream.

As metaverse games continue to grow, developers are constantly working to improve the utilities of DAO tokens that power metaverse games while also presenting more revenue opportunities for players.

Cardalonia is one such game built on the Cardano network powered by the $LONIA utility token.

Cardalonia ($LONIA), a Play-to-Earn multi-product ecosystem on the largest Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain, Cardano (ADA) announced via a medium post that it has integrated with the success of Adahandle in your flexible bet of Cardalonia vault.

Users who have an active $LONIA token can choose to display their Adahandle addresses.

Unlike traditional staking options used by most staking protocols, the Cardalonia Staking Vault not only allows its customers to enjoy regular rewards without their $LONIA tokens leaving their wallet, but also unlocks the premium benefits of the Cardalonia ecosystem utility token such as DAO governance, land pre-sale access whitelist, etc.

Automatic compounding and flexible staking work similarly to operations in Cardano’s ADA staking pools. According to estimates by the Cardalonia team, users can enjoy up to a 20-25% annualized return on their LONIA holdings.

A total of 20,000,000, or 20% of LONIA’s aggregate supply, will be used to power the early stages of Cardalonia’s ecosystem progression.

The Cardalonia metaverse is a fun and engaging virtual world where $LONIA DAO token holders can acquire 3D NFT avatars, land, socialize, play games, trade, and participate in events to earn rewards.

Cardalonia will allow players to build their own experiences in the metaverse. The project team aims to turn the platform into a decentralized, multiplayer, multi-chain ecosystem of several interconnected worlds.

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LONIA token seed sale launched

Currently, the LONIA token is not available on major centralized and decentralized exchanges; therefore, the only way to get LONIA is to participate in its initial token launch round which takes place on the main Cardalonia website.

To purchase LONIA tokens, users must click “Buy” on the official Cardalonia website. As of June 2022, the Cardalonia team is offering LONIA at around $13 LONIA tokens per ADA and over 35% of the allocation has been completed. The seed sale cycle ends in 9 days.

In total, the Cardalonia team has allocated 15,000,000 LONIA for this event from its circulating supply. Seed participants can invest a minimum of 250 ADA.

Characteristics of Cardalonia

Cardalonia has several features in its metaverse platform to maintain the usefulness of the ecosystem and provide value to users.

In addition to flexible staking in the native Cardalonia vault, LONIA token holders will be able to purchase virtual land and other exclusive in-game assets in the world of Cardalonia. The assets and land can then be shipped to the market where Cardalonia enthusiasts can trade or trade them. Cardalonia will have its own NFT market, called Cardalonia Market.

Land, like real estate in the “physical” world, can be “developed”: it can be used to create metaverses and rented out. In the future, these metaverses may host various virtual activities such as casinos, P2E gaming, listening sessions, jam sessions, exhibitions, concerts, and much more. In Cardalonia, landlords can earn rental income by renting out their properties to roommates and third-party tenants.


Players can form members of their current clan to create new clans. These new clans have unique and rare features that help increase players’ income.

Cardalonia Market

This is an internal NFT marketplace where users can list, buy, and sell their Cardalonia collectibles. In the market, players can purchase land, buy and trade avatars, as well as in-game bonuses and gems. The market is currently under development.


Cardalonia recently launched its staking platform, allowing users to start staking their tokens immediately after acquiring them. Users can earn up to 25% APY on their staked tokens.

Cardalonia will unveil her NFT clan with “playable avatars.” These fictional characters will be integrated into the gameplay of the world of Cardalonia. According to the project documentation, there will be four clans in the Cardalonia ecosystem: OG, Royals, Lords/Knights, and Peasants.

These clans will compete for rare resources, including diamonds, gold, silver, wood, and food.

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