Cast your nets in Spider-Man: Far From Home VR, now available

As we told you the other day, Sony Interactive Entertainment was preparing the launch of Spider-Man Far From Home VRan interactive virtual reality experience for PlayStation VR.

The wait to enjoy it has come to an end, and you can now adjust your red suit and run to the Store, well It is now available for download for free so that we feel in the skin of Spider-Man in a way that has never been so immersive.

We can see a launch trailer for the game, with a fun message of Tom Hollandactor who plays Spider-Man in the MARVEL films, below:

This is the Spider-Man Far From Home VR experience

Spider-Man Far From Home VR is an exciting first-person adventure full of adrenaline that will allow us to enjoy the skyscrapers of New York through the eyes of Spider-Man himself.

The experience, which has a duration of 10 minutesis based on the new film of the same name that will be released in theaters soon.

Developed by CreateVRthe adventure will allow players to climb and swing through Manhattan, choose four different outfits to enjoy the adventure in different ways, and face a terrible enemy and his minions.

In order to play, it is It is necessary to have the PlayStation Move motion controllerwith the PlayStation VR device and with PlayStation Camera.

Spider-Man Far From Home VR is now available for free, in English and digitally through the PlayStation Store.

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