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Catalyst Black iOS review: Satisfying progression and smooth team play

Catalyst Black iOS review: Satisfying progression and smooth team play

Source: Renee Ritchie / ComoHow

When it comes to the aesthetics of a game, I’m usually drawn to whether there are fantasy or sci-fi elements, and luckily for me, Catalyst Black offers both. This online multiplayer focuses on teammates wielding weapons to defeat big beasts and opponents in different modes. Players can also temporarily transform into powerful beasts called Primals when a gauge counts down, allowing them to deal much more damage for a short time.

I’ve been playing Catalyst Black on my 5th generation iPad Air and iPhone 12 for six hours at the time of writing. It works well and feels very well balanced despite the wide variety of weapons. Also, the different modes keep the game fresh while the progression system keeps me coming back for more. Perhaps most importantly, although there are in-game purchases, I never felt like I needed to buy anything to keep up with other players.

Table of Contents:

  • Catalyst Black: What’s Good
    • Customization and variety of weapons.
    • Keep things fresh with game modes
    • Multiplayer for busy friends
    • Touch controls and controller support
  • Catalyst Black: What’s Wrong?
  • Catalyst Black: Should we play it?
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  • Review of Catalyst Black for iOS:

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    Conclusion: With its weapon customization, multiple game modes, and fast load times, Catalyst Black is a fun online multiplayer to experience with friends. There are in-game purchases, but they are not required to enjoy the game.

    The good


    Disclaimer: This review was made possible by a downloaded copy of the game from ComoHow.

    Catalyst Black: What’s Good

    Source: HowHow

    As with most free online multiplayer games these days, Catalyst Black made it easy for me with the modes, leveling system, and various mechanics by making me unlock more options the more I played. This ensures that the first few levels of the game are the tutorial phase and that more complex options are unlocked as you spend more time. I enjoyed this because it kept me from being overwhelmed with everything the game has to offer…and there’s a lot going on here.

    Category Catalyst Black Title Catalyst Black Developer Super Evil Megacorp Publisher Super Evil Megacorp Genre Battlefield Shooter Device Used iPad Air (5th gen), iPhone 12 Game Size 1.1 GB Playtime Depends on mode Players Multiplayer ( varies by mode) Introductory Price Free with in-game purchases

    There are eight different characters to choose from, four male and four female, but they are cosmetic and do not affect your stats. However, players can customize their attacks and abilities by equipping and upgrading seven different stat-influencing items. There is the main weapon, the heavy weapon, the skill, the jewel, the relic, the power and the mask. New gear can be obtained by playing cheats or by claiming rewards in the Quests menu.

    Customization and variety of weapons.

    Source: HowHow

    Honestly, I was really surprised by how many options I unlocked for free as I continued to play. There are several different main and heavy weapons, which greatly alter the way your character moves, your range, and the amount of damage you deal. For example, the Splintered Fate works like a machine gun to quickly hit enemies from a distance, while the Brighton Flamethrower deals more damage but doesn’t have as wide a range.

    There are tradeoffs with different teams, so I had to figure out which ones work best for me. The best gear and abilities change depending on what mode I’m playing, but I’ve found that I can still feel powerful and adapt to my specific playstyle. Of course, I can also upgrade my gear by infusing it with the items I’ve earned. Higher levels require rarer items, which gives me something to work on.

    Source: HowHow

    As players level up, they also unlock more Primal Skins, allowing them to transform into mighty beasts on the battlefield. Each mask has a different purpose. Some focus on melee while others are ranged attackers. It’s very satisfying to upgrade these skins and use them strategically during a round.

    Keep things fresh with game modes

    Source: HowHow

    There are currently five different modes in Catalyst Black, but only one basic point-based mode is available out of the box. Others are unlocked by earning points after completing rounds until players eventually reach specific Ascension levels.

    Source: HowHow

    These different objectives really help keep the game fresh. If my friends and I get tired of one mode, we can switch to another to spice things up again. Plus, with some modes offering multiple ways to win, there’s always something to fight for instead of giving up because you know you’ll never catch up with the other team.

    Multiplayer for busy friends

    Source: HowHow

    These days, my friends and I sometimes struggle to coordinate online gaming between our busy schedules. So one thing that I really like about Catalyst Black is that it’s aware that people have full lives. Friends can use lobbies to find each other quickly and stay together for multiple rounds. Also, players can drop in and out of games very easily without affecting other players. You can even join a game in progress if there is enough time.

    On top of that, voice chat makes it easy to communicate with friends for coordinated strategies. On the other hand, you can always mute other players if you don’t want to hear random strangers. Although not necessary, I personally find it better to play with a good pair of headphones or AirPods.

    Touch controls and controller support

    Source: HowHow

    Touch controls have gotten better every year, and I can’t stress enough how smooth and comfortable the Catalyst Blacks are. The buttons are all well defined, so you know where to press and everything reacts the way you want. Also, the buttons are on the sides and away from the main action in the center, so I didn’t feel my hands obstructing my view whether I’m playing this iOS game on iPhone or iPad.

    Now I prefer to play mobile games with a controller whenever I can because it feels more comfortable. In the case of the Catalyst Black, I preferred to use my Xbox One controller while my iPad Air was propped up. This game also works with the Razer Kishi controllers for iPhone or PlayStation, so if you have them, I’d suggest using them.

    Catalyst Black: What’s Wrong?

    Source: HowHow

    As I mentioned earlier, some modes offer multiple ways to win, allowing you to change tack if it looks like the other team is ahead in an area. Supposons qu’à Hydra, vous vous rendez compte que l’autre équipe a presque vaincu votre superviseur, vous pouvez décider de passer de l’attaque de son superviseur à la collectione d’éclats if you think you have a better chance of gain. However, sometimes having these various options makes the rounds drag on. This is especially true if teams are not communicating or working together toward a common goal.

    On another note, I’m always wary of free games because so many of them end up forcing players to hit some sort of paywall or worse – they turn out to be the pay-to-win variety. While I never needed to buy anything with real money to keep up with other Catalyst Black players, it may still exist later in the game, intentionally or unintentionally.

    Catalyst Black: Should we play it?

    Source: Super Evil Mega Corp.

    With its vibrant colors, varied modes, and loadout customization, Catalyst Black is one of the most satisfying battlefield shooters on mobile. It’s fun to play and the game is responsive whether you’re using touch controls or a traditional gamepad. Also, it is designed in such a way that you can easily get in and out of sessions without having to wait for a long time. All in all, it’s the perfect team experience to play with friends.

    4.5 out of 5

    The only drawbacks are that some games can drag on forever, especially if the teams don’t communicate towards a common goal. On another note, while there are in-game purchases, I personally didn’t feel like I needed to buy any hardware to get it right – a big plus as a lot of mobile games tend to feel that way.

    black catalyst

    Conclusion: Work with your teammates to score points and compete against other players online. Five game modes keep things interesting, and no in-app purchases are required!

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