C&C and Red Alert are moving to the PSP console

Electronic Arts has announced that it will make 2 games for the PSP, 2 real time strategy games, Command & Conquer and Red Alert. The games have so far only been announced for the PlayStation Portable and will not appear on the Dual Screen for the time being. The 2 games should be released around the end of this year.
Since the Dual Screen has a touchscreen, it seemed more logical to move the strategy games to this console, but EA did not do this for unknown reasons.

I’m prepared to make the necessary move. I’ve always wanted to play incredibly large scale games on the go, on flights, and even on road trips. I’m pretty sure the fans will be excited to hear that Command & Conquer, and Command & Conquer Red Alert will be making appearances on the PSP. We don’t have a slated release date, but the games will have to be totally revamped for PSP’s UMD architecture. Nevertheless, expect the Command & Conquer franchise to make its move on the PSP within this year.”

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