CES 2016: Best Wired and Bluetooth Headphones

There’s never a shortage of quality headphones at CES, and because of this, narrowing things down to the best wired and Bluetooth headphones can be a challenge. From the plethora of options to choose from, I’ve selected two of my favorite headphones from this year’s CES show: a wired pair and a Bluetooth pair.

Sennheiser HD 630VB ($ 499.95)

CES 2016: Best Wired and Bluetooth Headphones

Woohoo! Sennheiser’s new HD wired headphones have really blown my mind. I can’t say I haven’t experienced top-of-the-line high-end headphones before, but these take the cake. They’re something of an anomaly: a premium headphones geared towards the mobile market, typically listening to MP3s or some other form of reduced-quality audio. Obviously, a pair of high-definition headphones will bring out the best in music even at reduced quality, but it’s when it comes to lossless audio formats (which Apple is reportedly increasingly focusing on) that the HD 630VB headphones really shine.

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Audiophiles, consider this: These headphones feature state-of-the-art drivers for crisp, accurate acoustic reproduction and a frequency response of 10 to 42,000 Hz, truly allowing you to immerse yourself in the spaciousness and realism of high-resolution digital audio files. .

But wait, they get even cooler! Part of what makes these headphones perfect for the modern mobile audiophile is the fact that they are both extremely sturdy (they are constructed from lightweight aluminum) and also collapsible, folding in for an easy size to store. The HD 630VB also features luxurious cushioning, convenient playback, and enhanced bass controls on the earpiece along with an in-line microphone function for handling phone calls.

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Whether you use them at home or on the go, the new audiophile-quality Sennheiser headphones are some of the best wired headphones overall, especially within the mobile-friendly hearing aid market.

Phiaton BT 460 ($ 249)

CES 2016: Best Wired and Bluetooth Headphones

Phiaton has taken it upon themselves to create one of the most welcome new entries in the Bluetooth headset space. The BT 460 incorporates some of the most advanced and user-friendly headphone technologies in this luxurious pair of cans.

There are a number of things that make the BT 460 one of the best wireless headphones. For one thing, they have advanced touch-sensitive controls on one of the earbuds, allowing you to control playback with simple swipe gestures. They have an ergonomic design and are light and compact enough to be considered ideal for almost any type of trip.

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These headphones also feature a Smart Play / Pause feature, courtesy of internal sensors that detect when the headphones are being used or not, and tailor audio playback accordingly. I also really appreciate the feature that allows two people with the BT 460 to share the same audio source through their headphones. And with Everplay-X, your headphones will work perfectly when connected, even when the Bluetooth battery is dead.

Unlike Sennheiser wired headphones, the BT 460s don’t have the same phenomenal frequency response; Nonetheless, for a pair of Bluetooth headphones, these aren’t just some of the best I’ve come across, with their premium 40mm drivers. The BT 460 also enables support for Apple’s AAC audio encoding, which is considered CD-quality sound, putting them squarely in the category of high-end Bluetooth headphones.

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