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Charitable Donations: CoinEx Charity Offers Eid al-Adha Gifts to Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Indonesia

Charitable Donations: CoinEx Charity Offers Eid al-Adha Gifts to Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Indonesia

Eid al-Adha is the holiest holiday in the Islamic calendar and also an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims all over the world. On this holy day, Muslim communities gathered to celebrate and pray. They would also make donations so that others could also take advantage of this auspicious occasion. During this year’s Eid al-Adha, CoinEx Charity also made charitable donations in Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Indonesia, focusing on the poor, the elderly, the disabled, orphans, refugees, and those affected by disasters. These are often people who cannot afford meat and whose diet lacks calories and nutrients. For many of them, Eid al-Adha is the only time of the year when they can eat meat, and CoinEx Charity aims to ensure that more poor people can enjoy a hearty meal during Eid al-Adha with the help of charity.

On July 10, 2022, the CoinEx Charity team traveled to Shiraz in Iran, Antakya in Turkey, Syria, and Tawangsari village in Boyolali, Indonesia to deliver Eid al-Adha gifts to poor villagers, allowing them to celebrate the holiday. with great food.

During their visit to Shiraz, Iran, CoinEx Charity prepared Eid al-Adha meals for more than 1,100 locals and celebrated Eid al-Adha with the locals. Upon receiving the food, people smiled and beamed with happiness. For the poor, the festival represents a rare occasion when they can enjoy a decent meal. CoinEx Charity provided the heat they needed as soon as possible.

The CoinEx Charity team also traveled to Antakya, Turkey, and delivered 50 Eid al-Adha food parcels to poor families there. Each package contained bread, tomato puree, tea, pasta, rice, sugar, beans, sunflower oil and macaroni, all of which are part of the locals’ daily menu. These Eid al-Adha gifts brought them festive cheer.

During a charity event in Syria, CoinEx Charity visited the orphanage in Idlib and distributed cash gifts for Eid al-Adha to 50 children there. In Syria, a country that has suffered from disease, disaster and conflict for years, many children have been orphaned. These are not only the children of Syria but also the children of the world. These orphaned children deserve to enjoy Christmas cheer and happy memories during important holidays like Eid al-Adha.

CoinEx Charity also visited villagers in Tawangsari village in Boyolali, Indonesia, distributing 50 basic food packages to each household. Grateful for the help, the residents smiled happily when they received the food package.

Hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, disasters and wars, millions of people around the world are now facing existential crises such as poverty and hunger. During this year’s Eid al-Adha, CoinEx Charity delivered Eid al-Adha gifts to orphans and provided food to poor families, bringing warmth and joy to such a festive occasion. In the future, as it continues to send food to families in need, CoinEx Charity will also support them through charitable programs aimed at improving their well-being. This is not the first time CoinEx Charity has taken care of disadvantaged groups. From day one, the organization has responded to all calls for help and has reached out to people living in disadvantaged areas through charitable actions, regardless of their race or nationality.

In December 2021, CoinEx Charity donated child care packages from Uniuyo Teaching Hospital, Nigeria; In February 2022, he gave New Year gifts to poor families in Iran; In April 2022, the organization sent Easter gifts to more than 500 poor children in the north of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Apart from the humanitarian response, CoinEx Charity has also spared no effort in terms of disaster relief and charity education. The institution offered immediate help to residents through donations and concrete actions when Typhoon Rai hit the Philippines and Brazil suffered heavy rains. From May to June 2022, CoinEx Charity visited poor schools in 11 countries. It has provided more than 10,000 books to more than 8,000 students, helped schools build reading corners, and donated school supplies.

Since its inception, CoinEx Charity has been spreading messages of love. Driven by the power of charity, the institution helps disadvantaged groups around the world. Hug people from all over and build friendly bonds with people from all countries. Through different charity events, CoinEx Charity encourages the public and charities to pay attention to poor and disadvantaged groups. The organization calls on people to join it in contributing to charity and creating hope for those in need.

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