Check out Alex in ‘Street Fighter V’ and his first details

Developer Capcom has shared the first series of screenshots and first details about the game update that will arrive at the end of this month and, among its news and featuresplans to add Alex to its cast of playable characters along with new game modes.

About Alex, the company claims that he has been one of the most requested characters for Street Fighter V and has put their best effort into making it as close to “old school” as possible and at the same time enjoyable for new players. In this installment Alex returns as a powerful fighter who can perform very damaging attacks at short distances and launch “Power Bomb” to combat at medium distances.

Alex can channel his fighting skills to access new attacks. He also has an attack called “Heavy Hammer” that hits his opponent and knocks them to the ground so he can pick them up and hit them again.

About new content coming with this update, a “Challenge Mode” will be added that will feature demos and tutorials for newbies, intermediate, advanced and character players. Also will add the option of being able to spend the money earned in battles on extra content such as DLC characters and story mode costumes.

Many issues with matchmaking will also be fixed, rooms with 8 people with the ability to spectate and changes to character abilities to balance gameplay.

You can take a look at the first images from Street Fighter V below:


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