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Classic strategy MMO OGame, updated this year, app also coming

Classic strategy MMO OGame, updated this year, app also coming

Gameforge has announced that its strategy space MMO OGame, which has been thrilling many players for so long, will receive its largest expansion this year. The Life Forms expansion introduces extraterrestrial peoples who, thanks to their buildings and technologies, allow you to implement countless new strategies.
But that’s not all: Gameforge today announced that OGame will soon be available on smartphones and tablets as well.

The app allows for a full gameplay experience that will also be extended to the upcoming Life Shapes expansion. By the end of the year, players will finally be able to explore and conquer new galaxies on their Android and iOS devices as well. Those wishing to participate in the beta test starting from the end of May can inquire by reading the following article: HERE

“OGame turns 20 in October. What better way to celebrate than with new content and release on new platforms? ” said Hannes Anders, Chief Technology Officer. “Here at Gameforge, too, we can’t wait for the anniversary, because OGame is the first game developed by the company. I am particularly proud to have been involved in the development of the OGame app and the new Life Shapes expansion, and can’t wait to hear from players! Our team is always committed to providing quality content to the millions of players who love OGame and the other titles in our repertoire, so we are thrilled to release these two important updates. “

Expansion Forms of life

Discover an OGame like you’ve never seen it before: Here comes the biggest expansion in nearly ten years! The Life Forms expansion is a natural evolution that allows you to further enhance the gameplay experience. The OGame universe is populated by four living species: Humans, Rock’tal, Mecha and Kaelesh. Each people has their own buildings and technological progress. Players can colonize their planets with life forms and manage food production. They can also research new technologies to discover other alien species and expand their empires. Those who are able to develop a diverse civilization and combine the capabilities of different life forms will be able to use countless new strategies to conquer the universe.

Players have multiple options: focus on mining and producing resources as influential miners, build a fierce fleet as ambitious emperors, or discover the galaxy’s innermost corners as explorers in search of raw materials and allies. The numerous possible strategies will prove to be suitable for the most varied playing styles, both for veterans and beginners.

Watch the new trailer here:

The expansion Forms of life introduces four different species:

Other news:

The OGame expansion titled Forms of Life will be available for PC in the coming weeks. The app, which will be available later this year, will also allow you to play on Android and iOS devices.