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Cozy Grove for Nintendo Switch review: I’m not afraid of any ghost camps

Cozy Grove for Nintendo Switch review: I’m not afraid of any ghost camps

Source: ComoHow

If you’re a fan of life simulators but have had enough of the traditional grind – farm supplies, building supplies, and keeping your space work uneventful – I have the game for you. Cozy Grove, developed by Spry Fox and published by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild, takes a slightly different approach to the genre and is able to infuse some freshness into the all-too-familiar formula.

With the mantra “make the world a better place,” Spry Fox uses familiar character designs, hand-drawn graphics, and sharp minds to embody this motto and create delightful gameplay. And with a combination of puzzle, crafting, and mystery solving elements, there is something for all types of players.

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Cozy Grove Review:

Cozy Grove

Bottom line: Cozy Grove is a fun and beautifully designed life simulation game with a “scary” twist that you can immerse yourself in for over 40 hours at a relaxed pace. It is a lovely game with good graphics and memorable characters. However, it has some bugs and pacing issues.

The good


Cozy Grove: what you’ll love

Source: ComoHow Category Cozy Grove Title Cozy Grove Developer Spry Fox Publisher The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild Genre Simulation / Adventure / Lifestyle / Puzzle Game Size 839MB Playtime 40+ Hours Players One Size Download Introductory Price $ 15

Cozy Grove is a simple life simulation task that entrusts you, the Spirit Scout, to help the ghosts that reside on the island pass, earning you nice merit badges for your troubles. What appears to be a short trip, however, takes a curve as your boat floats carelessly, leaving you stranded on the island.

However, don’t worry. There are many tasks to keep you busy, earn badges, and keep you from going crazy. It’s a simple but unique premise that is very welcome in the simulation genre. While the familiar elements of the game are all here (crafting, collecting, and more), there’s enough to make this game stand out from the rest, including great titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Right off the bat, what stands out the most are the graphics. The hand-drawn aesthetic brings the island of Cozy Grove to life, so to speak, as long as you help everyone on the island. For starters, the images are muted colors and the little island feels barren and isolated. You really feel alone at the beginning of your journey. However, as you meet the spirits of the island and gradually unravel their memories, the color that your fledgling friendship brings makes you feel like you’re doing your job as a spiritual explorer and makes the game more alive.

Source: ComoHow

As a life simulator, there is a lot to do in Cozy Grove, but not right away. You can collect resources like money, fruits, nuts, twigs, and mushrooms. As you find more spirits, you can do more things like crafting items, making food, fishing, cutting bushes, mining minerals, and even decorating the island. It’s when you sink that the twists begin to emerge. You can even buy and care for pets, although they are not the traditional kind. Also, every plant, tree, and animal has preferences, so you need to position them accordingly to get the most out of them. For example, your pet bird will love rustic decor and lamps, but will hate common items.

Everything you buy has a purpose and everything you buy has a use. You can transform ingredients by cooking or burning them in your Spirit Fire, or you can sell them at the island store, Mr. Kit. Don’t throw it all away, as the island spirits can decide they want it. Although there are many items, it has minimal inventory space. You can leave a few things in your tent, but you will need to level up frequently to keep up.

As tasks are assigned to you, you can navigate menus to find your goals for the day, explore your inventory, and see what badges you’ve collected. Also, this game supports touch screens, so you can navigate the screen however you want on Nintendo Switch or mobile.

Source: ComoHow

As you help and discover the spirits, you will also notice the fantastic dialogue. Whether you’re chatting with a wit or reading instructions, you’ll see a mix of goofy humor with a heartfelt twist, and can quickly take a sharp turn. As you learn more about the islanders, you will find yourself laughing or really feeling for them as you learn about their past. It definitely makes things more interesting.

Finally, things change every day on this island. In fact, it is not possible to complete the game in one day. Resources update over time and you won’t have access to everything in advance. While you can spend a lot of time fishing, collecting items, and completing the missions available for the day, it really only equates to 30-40 minutes of gameplay per day. It’s a cool, slow-paced game, and it’s good if you like that kind of thing.

Cozy Grove: What’s Not Good

Source: ComoHow

There are a lot of good things in this little indie game. However, there are a few little issues that were really frustrating, and some even made me want to take the game out of order altogether.

First of all, while I love the look of this game and its unique graphics, they sometimes annoy me, especially when the color pattern is toned down. At first, it was difficult to distinguish bushes from rocks, and you could easily find yourself hitting a rock or something that was not visible and getting stuck. This becomes less of a problem as the map begins to expand and fill with more objects.

Source: ComoHow

By design, it is a slow game. I got frustrated trying to help the spirits because I couldn’t find certain items and was wondering if I was looking in all the wrong places or if they weren’t available yet. In fact, I was stuck on a search for at least two days because I didn’t have the material to continue.

My frustration with this part was a mixture of not knowing if it was a ******** problem or my problem. For example, usually when you have completed all that you can do in one day, your Fire Spirit will tell you. However, mine would only reiterate that someone needed my help. Fortunately, an update fixed these problems.

Part of the problem is the lack of tutorials or tips. While it’s not completely missing, it would help if some elements were more obvious. The spirits tell you that the resources may take a while to arrive, but there are many resources and they come from different regions. In one case, the resource you were expecting came from a merchant you didn’t know existed. While the game shouldn’t be overwhelmed with tutorials, I think a few lines of dialogue might fix this.

Source: ComoHow

If you’re not a fan of inventory management, you might be feeling a bit frustrated as well. There are so many resources; I constantly found myself selling or dumping items on the island because I just didn’t have room for them. I tend to mess up everything so that might be a problem for me. If you don’t mind taking your things out, you won’t mind as much.

While you have a lot to decorate the island, it may be best to wait for the spiritual areas to start filling up while you collect souvenirs for them; somehow makes you wonder what to do with the things you have. I ended up selling a bunch for cash and saving whatever it takes to keep my plants and birds happy.

Last but not least, there were some glitches. I played Cozy Grove on my Nintendo Switch, and the frame rate dropped slightly when playing in handheld mode, but it worked fine when docked. The game even completely crushed me at least three times, which may have ruined my experience as I had to completely redo everything I had done that day. The game also took a long time to load. However, it should be noted that all of these bugs will be fixed with a game update at launch.

Cozy Grove: Should you play it?

Source: ComoHow

3.5 out of 5

Cozy Grove is an adorable indie simulation with a twist. It has fun puzzles, lovely graphics, and lots of heart. It’s a great game to pick up and play for a few minutes a day, and you can easily pick up where you left off. It doesn’t require you to put in a ton of time each day, but it does limit the amount of story you can complete in one go. There are lots of little things you can do to get the most out of your playing time, as long as you don’t have bug problems.

This game easily matches the pace of other games in the genre while adding something new to the formula, and at just $ 15 it’s a steal. I did a double take when I saw the price, after playing around a bit.

It’s delightfully fun, with interesting characters, great dialogue, and a lot to do. And for that price, it’s definitely worth buying if you’re a fan of these games.

Cozy Grove will be available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation, Steam, Apple Arcade, and the Epic Games Store on April 8, 2021.

Cozy Grove

Bottom line: Cozy Grove adds a bit of mystery and camping to the simulation genre, providing a story that you can immerse yourself in for over 40 hours at a relaxed pace.