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Create stunning new wallpapers with Acrylic for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Create stunning new wallpapers with Acrylic for iPhone, iPad and Mac

If you are someone who likes to create their own unique wallpapers, Acrylic is an app that you should probably have in your arsenal. Available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, the app gives you the tools you need to create a beautiful new wallpaper for all your devices.

While it’s true that Apple ships wallpapers with its devices and the internet is full of additional options, sometimes it’s nice to create your own. Acrylic is a new application that helps you do just that with a variety of mesh gradients that can be used to create stunning 3D scenes. All you have to do is choose your colors and get started – the best iPhone wallpaper is the one you’ve created yourself!

Acrylic is a simple and easy-to-use wallpaper engine for iOS and macOS, but it does more than just wallpapers. Easily create beautiful mesh gradients and high resolution 3D scenes. Easy-to-use tools let you quickly create amazing renders.

Like all good apps, Acrylic syncs with iCloud to keep all your creations safe and available on all your devices, while support for shortcuts helps you automate wallpaper creation. All of this means you can quickly and easily create a new wallpaper, whether you’re looking for something simple or prefer a more busy look. Whatever your preference, chances are acrylic can help you create it.

Gradients Easily create beautiful, professional-looking mesh gradients. Simple tools for generating color schemes and a position randomizer make it easy to create beautiful gradients. You can also use Siri Shortcuts for automatic mesh generation.

Scenes Create 3D scenes using customizable presets for stunning 3D scenes on your device. Use great techniques like screen space reflections and ambient occlusion for extreme detail. Perfect for wallpapers.

All this and more is available through the App Store now. Acrylic is available for download and is priced at just $1.99 to access the app on all devices. The app also supports Family Sharing.

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