Curiosity: on the first iPhone there was no copy-paste

The arrival of the first iPhone radically changed the world of mobile telephony and, in many ways, represented a turning point for the entire hi-tech sector. This does not mean, however, that the Cupertino company has given birth to a perfect device on all fronts. It was not and, indeed, it lacked several essential characteristics.

For instance, the original iPhone did not have copy / paste and, according to former Apple engineer Ken Kocienda, there was a valid reason not to have it. Kocienda explained on Twitter that the iPhone was launched without this feature because there was no time to develop it due to Apple wanting to get the device to market as quickly as possible. Not even the design team had time to start working on the copy / paste and the parent company decided to release it at a later time.

“The original iPhone didn’t have cut / copy / paste. Infamous! The quicker explanation is that I didn’t have time to get it right. I had too much work to do with the keyboard, the autocorrect and the text system. The design team didn’t have time either. So we gave up the feature for version 1.0, ”Kocienda said in a recent tweet.

“Eventually I worked with the design team to implement cut / copy / paste. The text magnifier was my idea. The goal was to have your finger right where the insertion point was supposed to go, while allowing you to see where it was. “

The former Apple engineer also talked about how touch input on the iPhone was developed.

“The curvature of the fingers suggests that it is touching higher on the screen than it is. Hence, the touches are warped to take this into account. For this reason, even today, it is difficult to hit when you hold the phone upside down, ”she said.