Death’s Gambit metroidvania now available

Are you prepared to die… a lot, a lot, a lot? So Death’s Gambit It is made for you, and Meridiem Games will bring us a game where we can join in battle against the Legendary Immortals.

Fans of the genre Metroidvania and the platforms will take on the role of a server of Death in Death’s Gambit, a title that has already been released in digital format but that we can now enjoy in physical form.

You can see his trailer next:

Join the battle against the Legendary Immortals of Death’s Gambit

The 2D platform game comes from the hand of Adult Swim Games, White Rabbit and Skybound Games being the first time it has done so in physical format for PlayStation 4.

Death’s Gambit is set in a medieval world shrouded in mystery, inhabited by immortal souls. We will assume the role of the Reaperservant of Death, in a gothic world, full of beasts, knights, immortal guardians and other horrors.

We will face horrifying enemies and legendary bosses with an arsenal of weapons and powerful skills in battles that They require not only skill, but also strategy and creativity to solve each situation.

Choosing between seven playable classes, we can customize our character with new equipment and talents, in addition to choosing our own play style while We prepare to die – a lot – in a brutal world.

Death’s Gambit is now available for PlayStation 4 in physical format.

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