‘DIRT Rally’ is shown on video, in its version for PlayStation 4

We already talked to you yesterday about DIRT Rally, In the news that our colleague Javitxu left you, you could find out all the incentives and extras that the Codemasters driving game will bring in its version for PlayStation 4.

Today we bring you, in addition to the first trailer in which you can see all this content, another video of what the game looks like in its version for consoles, which includes PlayStation 4.

On April 5, the game will hit console stores and will bring all the content that has been available to date in its Steam version, in addition to the new additions that our colleague told you about in the previous news.

DIRT Rally promises to make the definitive leap to driving games on all types of terrain, offering, in addition to a wide catalog of vehicles from all eras, an endless number of tests and tracks both to play alone and online.

: Gamestop

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