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Dislyte’s New Wasteland Mode Finally Shakes Up Outdated Endgame

Dislyte’s New Wasteland Mode Finally Shakes Up Outdated Endgame

A new player on the gacha market, Dislyte caused controversy from the first few weeks of his release. The game was pretty unfriendly for the re-release, it had a ridiculous pity system for its first event, and more importantly, the endgame content was just plain boring.

After spending a few months with the game, I quickly found myself slowing down and less excited about logging in to play. End game content consists of little more than grinding relics to hone your character build, and even that was overwhelming as you were subject to the vagaries of RNG. However, with the new Desolate Lands mode, we’re finally starting to see a much-needed shake-up in Dislyte’s endgame.

While not quite the fluid co-op raid mode that most players have come to expect, Desolate Lands does two important things: first, it gives players more control in farming relics, and second, it’s challenging PvE content that actually It requires smart strategy and teamwork. .

All three bosses in Desolate Lands drop Boost Stones, which can be used to improve the quality of specific sub-stats on your relics. This means that once you’ve finally farmed the perfect heirloom with all the primary and secondary stats you want, you no longer have to wait and pray that the correct sub-stats will update as you go. Boost Stones let you choose which sub-stats you want to boost, removing a pretty significant amount of RNG from the leveling process.

Do not get confused; trying to farm a full set of perfect relics for your entire team is still very painful, and farming Boost Stones is also time consuming. However, it’s still a big step in the right direction, especially for players who really want to min-max everything in this game, put a little extra effort into organizing your relics.

Desolate Lands is also quickly proving to be a much better mode than Time Tower, which was the only form of endgame content we had in Dislyte before the Bloody Hunt update. The problem with Temporal Tower was that the rewards started to feel insignificant over time, and the opposing teams you had to face were ridiculously cheesy comps that you could beat with a single set strategy.

On the other hand, while Desolate Lands offers important mechanics that you need to play the game, it also allows for much more flexible team compositions and strategies. Admittedly, you still need Clara for at least one of these fights, which can be frustrating considering how difficult it is to lure Legendary Espers into Dislyte. At this point, not having Clara on your team feels like you’re at a distinct disadvantage, and I think the other support espers could use a bit of a buff to keep up.

Aside from that, the bosses in Desolate Lands challenge players to come up with effective team compositions to circumvent their mechanics. You may need strong AoE attackers in one fight, but prioritize AP handlers and controllers in another. Or maybe you need proper cleaners in one fight and single-target DPS specialists in others.

This mode requires players to have a good understanding of all of their espers’ abilities, as well as the knowledge to build an effective team for each fight. This encourages build variety, rather than being limited to the same Espers you used to power the story mode a few weeks ago.

Dislyte still needs a lot of work when it comes to delivering compelling endgame content and proper character balances, but Desolate Lands is quickly proving to be a solid step in the right direction.

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