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Does Love and Thunder do at the box office?

Does Love and Thunder do at the box office?


Enough for a god.

Posted Jul 11, 2022 Jake Su

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As far as box office sales go, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the closest thing to a sure thing. With the latest entry in the form of Thor: Love and Thunder hitting theaters last week, there’s plenty of excitement from fans and executives alike behind the burgeoning MCU. If you’re wondering how much Thor: Love and Thunder made at the box office, we’ve got the latest numbers for you.

Box office earnings for Thor: Love and Thunder

In the first weekend since the film’s release, Thor: Love and Thunder posted impressive numbers, debuting $143 million in North America and another $159 million internationally according to Variety. That’s a combined total of $302 million since inception.

Although sales of $143 million are still a bit short of domestic estimates of $150 million, Thor: Love and Thunder has already surpassed its predecessor, with Thor: Ragnarok opening at $123 million in 2017 in North America.

The film sees the return of Taika Watiti as director, with Chris Hemsworth joined by Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Tessa Thompson and the Guardians of the Galaxy in a new adventure. The big threat this time around is Bale’s Gorr, and Thor: Love and Thunder also paves the way for more god-like figures to appear in the MCU.

If you’ve seen the movie or are just curious to know more, you can stop wondering about the post-credits scenes or the various cameos in the movie, TrendTrends has everything you need, plus some questions about the events that took place.

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