‘DOOM’ shows its multiplayer trailer and arrival date of its BETA

DOOM is one of those games that when it hits the scene does not go unnoticed. Bethesda continues to work hard to offer a unique experience, tas all the games in the franchise have been able to show throughout their existence, and to achieve this there are some basic ingredients that the game needs, we talk about action, monsters everywhere, blood and action (I think I’ve already said that…, bah, it’s the same, we talk about DOOM).

Jokes aside, we finally have a video where the Bethesda action title shows us one of the sections that until now was unknown to us, we talk about its multiplayer mode, in addition, the studio has confirmed on the official PlayStation blog that the game It will have a closed BETA phase for all those who purchased Wolfenstein New Order on both PS3 and PS4. The BETA will arrive between March 31 and April 3. To see if you meet the requirements you must visit www.wolfenstein.com/doom.


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