Driveclub will announce news this week

Sony’s big bet for compete with Forza Motorsport In the first steps of PlayStation 4 it was undoubtedly ‘driveclub‘, the driving simulator Evolution Studios which debuted with many doubts and little content that earned it quite a bit of criticism, but the passage of time and the various updates and downloadable content have made it a title to take into account.

After the big update that came with Driveclub Bikeswhich added the motorcycles to the formula along with 78 new tests and allowed the purchase of the pack without having to have Driveclub on our consoles, the company prepares other great content of which more will be known this week.

It remains to be seen if it is more content for the bikes, if it brings back new events for the cars or if both benefit from the expansion. Soon we will clear up doubts.

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