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DuckDuckGo Tracker Sniper Browser Coming to Mac Before Windows

DuckDuckGo Tracker Sniper Browser Coming to Mac Before Windows

The privacy-focused DuckDuckGo web browser, which has proven to be a popular protection on mobile devices, has launched in beta for Apple Mac users.

Le navigateur de la société, plus associé à son moteur de recherche, promised a “confidentiality par défaut” in se débarrassant des trackers invasifs, in accélérant la navigation et en fermant les fenêtres contextuelles de consentement aux cookies avec lesquelles nous passons la majeure partie de our life.

Mac users will first need to join a waiting list to download the browser, which also includes access to the private search engine, with a version of the browser also planned for Windows soon.

In an announcement Tuesday, the company calls the browser “an all-in-one privacy solution for everyday browsing with no complicated settings, just a seamless privacy experience.” to love.

These features include the same rendering engine used by Apple’s Safari, and because trackers are blocked at source, you get faster browsing that uses 60% less data than Chrome.

The browser also contains Smarter Encryption technology, which is intended to ensure that users are directed to the secure HTTPS version of the site. The company says it will also not access your history, bookmarks and passwords. Users will be able to see which sites have been caught tracking their activity, and it blocks Facebook content embedded on other websites, which Facebook sneakily uses for tracking purposes, even if you’re not on Facebook. .

Not all features will be accessible in the beta version, for example, extensions are not currently supported. However, DuckDuckGo claims that the most popular extensions are usually password managers and ad blockers, and the browser already contains them.

“DuckDuckGo for Mac isn’t just a replacement for ‘Incognito Mode’ (which isn’t really private!) – DuckDuckGo for Mac is designed to be used as an everyday browser that actually protects your privacy. We’ve got the features you expect from a browser like password management, tab management, bookmarks and more, plus privacy features you’ll love.

This is how you can join the waiting list.

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