EA could change the name to ‘Unravel’ for a board game

Unravel‘, in Spanish “unravel”, is the name of the next EA game developed by Coldwood and that offers us a platform adventure with puzzles using a single wool thread.

The game has weeks left to come out and it is already finished in all its versions, as we already told you a long time ago, but it may a problem last minute with the licenses led the studio to have to change the final name of the game… With all of that implies.

The reason is none other than a children’s board game called the samewith a similar theme (in this case following the tangled threads of the kites to find out who owns each one) and Registered in the United States Patent Office, which would have led to a refusal by EA to register the game due to the confusion that this similarity could generate.

If confirmed it would be a very serious error from EA or Coldwood for not having registered the title much earlier, although we imagine that with the large current account of the giant Electronic Arts some type of agreement will be reached and the change will not be necessary.

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