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Early Benchmarks Show iPad Air’s M1 Chip As Fast As Expected

Early Benchmarks Show iPad Air’s M1 Chip As Fast As Expected

Apple’s new iPad Air goes on sale next Friday and early benchmarks seem to suggest that the new internal M1 chip is as fast as it should be. It comes after some wondered if Apple could unlock the chip.

The new iPad Air will go on sale on Friday. on March 18 and will be the first to use the M1 chip, the same chip already used in the iPad Pro. This had people wondering if it could be a chip without a clock, but early results from Geekbench 5 show that , after all, it is not.

Here’s what Apple had to say about the iPad Air’s M1 chip when it was announced:

iPad Air’s innovative M1 chip delivers a massive performance boost for even the most demanding apps and workflows, with incredible power efficiency and all-day battery life.1 The 8-core processor delivers performance up to 60% faster and 8-core GPU delivers up to 2x faster graphics performance compared to previous iPad Air. Combined with the CPU and GPU, a 16-core Neural Engine powers advanced machine learning (ML) features that enable next-level experiences. From editing multiple 4K video streams and playing graphics-heavy games, to reimagining a 3D room and more realistic Augmented Reality (AR), the performance of M1 enables users to do more than ever with iPad Air.

Based on benchmark scores first spotted by MacRumors, Apple’s silicon in the new iPad Air is good for single-core and multi-core scores of around 1700 and 7200, respectively. These numbers put iPad Air on par with the performance of the same chip in the M1-powered iPad Pro.

The new iPad Air also comes in different colors, adds 5G connectivity, and takes center stage with an improved 12-megapixel front-facing camera, making it the best iPad Air yet.

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